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Whats New?

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October 4, 2006 -- As the frame above suggests, Almost Heroes is going on hiatus until such time as I can get new hosting and rework the stories into a proper order.  I apologize for any delay in your comic enjoyment, but bookmark this page and check back from time to time, if you wish.  I'll add a big link to the new site here as soon as it is up.
September 26, 2006 -- The final installment of the Flea Circus storyline is up.  What does the future hold?


July 18, 2006 -- Ooooops.  I've been updating, but forgot to relink from here.  Sorry. Click on the pic below and get caught up!
April 26, 2006 -- Comic updates as normal through the piclink.  In other news, I gots me some fanart! From Kaddy, who I never knew was a fan. Until now. When she drew a Bimbeau far better than I.


February 8 -- Updating as usual. I perceive no further interruptions.
February 1 -- We have some unfortunate down time due to computer problems.  No update this week.
January 2, 2006 -- Happy New Year! Here's an old year to warm you. The Flea Circus Icon below still updates regular.
November 22, 2005 -- Oopsie.  I messed up the site navigation for Flea Circus last week. All fixed now, plus fresh pages!


July 27, 2005 -- Okay, here's the deal. New storyline -- but instead of me saying "Click here" every week, just click the above pic every Wednesday. It will update until the end of this particular chapter. Keen, huh? 
The latest story actually starts HERE, if you'd like a rerun or two.
July 20, 2005 -- I just love this one.
July 13, 2005 -- Another bit of the puzzle.
July 8, 2005 -- Special thanks to Brassy for pointing out that you have to actually publish an update to the web to call it an update.
July 6, 2005 -- More unrelated filler.
June 29, 2005 -- The last bridge for the 4-part Dokktor story.
June 22, 2005 -- A comic! Sequential from last week, even!
June 14, 2005 -- Another fresh page, and some cleanup on this page.
June 8, 2005 -- I show my appreciation for Eau Claire motorists.

I really should have tried to color it...!

Above is art by Starline, Below is more sketchies by Brassy!  Gotta love them boots....


Some fanart from The Chio. Check his site out here. It's strange, but it grows on ya.



March 23, 2005 -- Here is a St. Patty's tribute to the old cast.
A reader alerted me to the fact that the site is not at all compatible with Mozilla. And to also note that half of the site links don't work in Internet Explorer either. 
To soften  the blow, she sent in the site's first-ever fanart!


(Check out her site HERE!)




Our radio stations really are like this...!

September 25 -- Another weeky update featuring one of the lost episodes.  Here is some quick background -- the street featured is Eau Claire's Hastings Way, and part of Neon row -- a 6-block stretch of animated neon signs that dated back to the 40's.  Woo's Pagoda and the 5'O'Clock bar are the only signs left today.  Man, you could see that bowling sign for MILES.


September 16, 2004 -- I'm Back.
Did anyone miss me?
This comic is technically a new one -- its from the irregular update period before the original site went offline back in late 2000. Personally, I don't think anyone ever saw it. 
Let's see how fast we can get back on track from here on out.


August 9 -- Summer break has arrived, caused primarily by overwhelming domestic needs around the house.  And the desire to finish my Edsel project before the year is out.  See you all September 1 with more updates - -B-1


July 27 -- Well, after much persuasion (and a minor beating) I have reluctantly decided to post the pilot webcomic. Rotten tomatoes to follow.
July 15 -- Hooray! Updated on time twice this week! The locations page is now up and running.
July 5 -- If you are reading this, You obviously didn't get blown up over the weekend. Good for you.  The art computer is back on line. I have added the "merchandising" link.


June 30 -- No update this week, as the art computer has gone all nucking futz.  Enjoy a crude sketch instead.
June 17 -- Summer Fun Part 3 is posted in the webcomic archive.
June 11 -- After being lost for over seven years, a copy of "To Idiocy and Beyond -- Episode 3 is now available for viewing.

June 1 -- After going on a Pocky bender, I agreed to do some guest strips for  Go There. Now. And I'm gonna be there for the next few weeks.
So in the meantime, for those of you new here, Welcome.  For those of you returning, miscellaneous reruns as usual.
May 12 -- Some more happy updates.  Now stop pestering me.
April 6 -- Some more updates.  Links on Archive page fixed. 
March 10 -- You probably won't hear me tell of any major updates for a while -- but we got something BIG in the works.  Just keep checking back.