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It's Walky! Fanart

For those of you who never heard of it, Its Walky! (or IW! for short) is the brainchild of David Willis.  It began as an offshoot of his Roomies strip; it explores the lives and disasters of an amazingly inept governmental agency called SEMME.  Aliens, giant robot monkys, and heavy angst abound.  The art will amuse you, the stories will grip you.  Go read it here:


Occasionally, I like to doodle up some fanart and post it on the boards for others to enjoy (or despise).  Here is the full archive, updated regularly more or less,  of stuff I have done for fun.   All characters on this page are copyright David Willis. 

An almost canonical non-canonical strip

An alternate thought for the "Anomalie" storyline

We ARE the legion of drooling fans

Responding to a challenge to draw something in ten minutes or less

I really hate valentines day. It shows.