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What is it all about?

Almost Heroes is the cumulative archive of all of the existing B&B comics from 1992 until now. The site is divided into the major eras that the comic was produced, along with any backstory that we thought to include.  For more info, see B&B in a Nutshell.


Who is Bimbeau based on?

Bim is based on several of our female friends personalities, and anything else we thought to add in. You know, Sugar, spice, that sort of thing. 


Can I meet her?

See above.  She. Is. Fictional.  Now go get a haircut and move out of your mothers basement.


Do you have Bimbeaus phone number? She is hot.

DAMMIT.  See above.  Oh, hell with it.  Here you go. (715) 867-5309.  I hope you are happy.


When do you update?

Technically, we just add in fresh archival material on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   When we run out of old stuff, I guess its time to put out some new material.


Why dont all the links work?

We are still attempting to reprocess old material and rebuild the archives.  The problem is, We do not have all of it.  Yup, lost it.  If you have an old comic book of ours you do not see reproduced here, contact us and we will talk.  Come on, man, we will PAY you for it. Seriously, we lost it and we are desperate to find copies. 


Your comics suck.

That is not really a question, but I am feeling generous.  You do not see us doing sprite comics, do you? Or MS Paint, for crying out loud.  I admit, its no Life of Cuddy, but we tried. Oh, look, now Brad is crying again. You heartless bastards.


Why did you bring it back?

Well, it IS true that some things are best left forgotten, but we needed a hobby.  It was either this or knitting.  Or maybe accordion lessons.


Can I link to your site?

Sure. Why not? We do not pay a cent for this pile of bandwidth, and we make no money, either.  We will create linkbuttons for you to grab if we get a chance.

 Well, that is all for now.  Matlock is on.

                                                                    ~B.D., 2004