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B&B In a Nutshell

 1. An Introduction.

The following attempts to put the tales of B & B into some form of  chronological order, and fill in the gaps of any missing strips.

The year is 1992.  The desperate and dateless world of Brad and Brad is about to change forever.  Brad D. Steals a working TARDIS after finding it parked on a streetcorner in Downtown Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  In Issue Zero, they take off on a failed attempt to heist the gold of Fort Knox, Kentucky.  As an unusual dimensional-hopping side effect, B. S. is transformed into his horrid ex-girlfriend Missy (Reference: Issue Zero)

In issue 1 of B & B, we find B. S. back to normal with no explanation.  We proceed to follow them through an episode of daily life, from the perils of minimum wage work to the shortfalls of being costumed crusaders in a town that doesnt need them. (Reference: B&B, Issue 1)

Flash forward to 1993.  B.S. has spent one too many nights by his lonesome and created his very own rocketship from a Winnebago hull and some computer parts dumpster-dived from the Cray Research firm up the street.  Due to a short in the ignition system, the ship takes off and ends up stranding the Bs on the moon.  There, much to their surprise, they discover Bimbeau, a NASA engineer who has discovered how to transport herself through time and space.  Unfortunately, it is a one-way trip.  Together, they find a way off the planetoid by rigging old Moon-lander  fuel cells to their own.  After a watery landing in Lake Michigan, they head home.  Bimbeau decides to stay with them until she finds a way home. (Reference: Flea Circus Presents, Issues 3-10, serialized)

Bimbeau tries to settle in to small-town, old-timey life and fails badly.  She almost returns to her home dimension, but is held back at the last minute in an effort to save the life of B.S., who in typical small-town drama fashion, has become trapped in an old well while trying to rescue B.d., trapped there in turn while rescuing a little child who fell down it. (Reference: B&B, Issue #2, Townie Life)

B.D. is attempting to create a low-cost insulin substitute for his diabetic mother and ends up dosing her with chemicals that make her super-strong.  She spends a while beating the tar out of the three Bs until it wears off. (Reference: B&B, Issue #2, Granny Goblin)

The 3 Bs begin their crime-fighting career by taking on the towns most inept criminals.  Its battle Royale as the Rednecks face off with the Wiggaz! (Reference: B&B, Issue #3, Wiggaz)

Brad, Brad, & Bimbeau face a day at the local Cineplex, trying to figure out why anyone in their right mind would pay good money to see Cuthroat Island B.D. reveals his feelings for Bimbeau (and is rebuffed) (Reference: B&B, Issue #3, At the Movies!)

A local kids science television program is cancelled, and a new supervillian is born, all in the same week.  Meet Doctor Dokktor, And his evil henchmen.  Dokktors plans are foiled by the 3 Bs, who stop his giant lava-volcano science project cold. And his death-laser.  And his robot army.  And finally, his henchman, Torgo.  The Just-Us league shows up in the end, claim all the credit, and leave an application form for our would-be heroes. This issue marks the first appearance of the Flying Edsel.  (Reference: B&B, Issue #5, who IS Doctor Dokktor?)

A quiet city flea market is interrupted by the appearance of Upah and Bep, a bizarre pair of robotoids who try to take over the world by cornering the market in Beanie Babies.  The 3 Bs should stop them, but WHY?  (Reference: B&B, issue #5, Tacky Beings From Another Planet)  

The Local Heroes (as they are now called) are invited to Join the Just-Us league.  Joy turns to dismay when the heroes learn that they are to be mere sidekicks.  Things get worse as B-1 lets all the Villians out of the security block after being tricked.  Can the B-Team Track the evil masterminds and be home in time for the Pure Water Festival?  Needless to say, they dont quite make the team. (Reference: B&B, Issue #6, Stupor Friends)


2. The Webcomic continuity

At this point, The Summer Special 1997 rolled, which was a free comic published as a giveaway for fans and new readers.  It offered a glimpse into the real lives of the cast. (Minus Bimbeau)

Also at this point, the Webcomic continuity fits.  Although it came later in the series, the comic details the day-to-day operations of the Local Heroes organization.  For the most part, it is a series of one-offs and interconnected gags with two notable storylines:

Summer Fun: The B-Teams fun at the beach is wrecked by the arrival of the Wiggaz. This comic features the second appearance for Ranger Dan of the Wisconsin Forest Patrol.  He is none to happy to see his pristine park turned into a battlefield.

Back in Action:  The B-Team is called back into action on a full red alert.  They arrive to find a small cat stuck up a tree.  Disgusted, they stick the little girl who called the alarm in up the tree and drive off.  The girl turns out to be Dr. Dokktors neice, and Dokktor comes out of retirement and engages the Bs in all out war. 

The webcomic also featured many attempts by B-2 two woo the girl of his dreams, Bimbeau.  Never successful, it is still a tender treat to watch B.D. (and occasionally B.S.) get their hopes squashed.


3. Endings

B-1s Cat is shown in a series of skits as he navigates his way through a typical day Saving his owner, doing routine tasks, flying the Edsel, and humiliating the loveable but incredible stupid company sidekick, Penny. (B&B Issue #7, Cats life)

It is Christmas time.  The Bs remember their worst Christmases ever,  and try to host a successful pageant at B-1s church.  Hilarity ensues. (Reference: B&B Annual #2)

Bimbeau has been increasingly homesick, a fact that she has kept from the others.  In secret, she begins to build a device to bring her home to her own time and dimension.  Unfortunately, she also leads Doctor What right to the Bs front door.  He has been in search of the TARDIS that has been stolen from him the year before.  His fight with the Bs is interrupted by the return of Upah and Bep, who want the TARDIS for their own ends to discover which NASCAR Collectors plates will go up in value, thus cornering the market and the world.  Only by working together so they stop the tin-clad juggernauts.  B.D. returns the TARDIS to the doctor, and Bimbeau supplies the missing component to repair it.  Much to the shock of B-1 and B-2, she turns down his offer to take her home.  (B&B Issue #7, Home is where your heart is)

Tempers at the B-Team base are running as short as the finances.  They team begins to grow apart as the worst threat any of them have faced comes to pass The Wiggaz, Dr. Dokktor, and the Aliens have teamed up to rid themselves of their only nemesis the B-Team.  They launch simultaneous attacks to destroy the B-Teams credibility and succeed wildly, as the team wont work together long enough to stop any of them.  After  B-2s mother fails to negotiate a truce, the team realizes that perhaps it is better to go their own ways, as it was only B-1s dream that kept them together all this time.  With no one to say goodbye to, Bimbeau leaves a note for the boys and returns home to her own dimension. (Reference: B&B, Issue #9, Falling Stars)

B-1 Defeats the Wiggaz, and B-2 Brings down Dokktor, but not before They lead the two of them (plus sidekick pets) into a trap with Upah and Bep.  The Boys try to call in Help from the Just-Us league, but are rebuffed when they are informed that the Leaguers are fighting a Crisis on Improbable Worlds and cannot come to their aid.  The sidekicks perish in short order, and B-1 & 2 come to terms long enough to deliver a smashing counterblow to Upah and Bep....(Reference: B&B Issue #10, Hitting Bottom)


4. The Unpublished:

The Final Issue (Journeys) was a reflection of both the changes of real life and death on the dynamics of a superteam. Here we have B-1 and B-2, facing very different paths in life as they outgrow their capes and boots.  A serious story, it flashed back on the B&B comic and looked ahead to adult life.  Scripted and storyboarded, they story was never published for time and financial constraints.